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O'Keefe Controls is pleased to announce our new Compressed Air Dryers and Accessories catalog. You may view or download the entire catalog, or select from the product categories below to view or download more specific information.


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Compact Air Dryer

The compact air dryer series meets the needs of certain low flow applications where very dry compressed air is required, i.e., atmospheric dew point of minus 50 °F or lower. Designed to minimize space, the shoebox size unit is easily installed in tight spaces.

The self-regenerative air dryer can be operated continuously at flow rates ranging from 0 - 0.5 scfm up to 0 - 6 scfm at minimum inlet pressures of 80 psig.


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Standard Module
The 311C series air dryer is an insert module intended to be installed within an enclosure. The unit is a self-regenerative compressed air dryer which removes water vapor continuously using a molecular sieve desiccant material. Two stainless steel tanks contain the desiccant. A timer, solenoid valve and two flow control valves sequence the air flow alternately through one tank and then the other. A small amount of purge flow is discharged continuously. A nominal dew point of -50°F is achieved at maximum flow rate; even lower dew point at less than maximum flow. Compressed air supplied to the dryer should be clean (5 microns) and oil-free.


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Standard System

Series 415 and 416 air dryer systems include the 311C series dryer, and enclosure and two filters completely assembled and ready for installation. The filters have automatic drains for discharge of collected liquids. Easily replaced filter cartridges remove solids to 5 microns in the first stage and liquids and solids to .03 microns in the second stage.

Series 141/142 air dryer system has the unique feature of not requiring electric power for operation. Pneumatic timers and air operated relays are used for automatic control of the self-regenerative air dryer system. This pneumatic controlled air dryer can be installed in compressed air lines to decrease the dew point to -50°F. A prefilter and coalescing filter both equipped with automatic drains are standard components of the system.


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High Flow Module

The series 2042 and series 2043 high flow air dryers will handle up to 20 scfm at supply pressure of 80 to 125 psig. Using a solid state timer, three power valves are sequenced to provide the following features:

  • Quiet operation - No large pressure surge during switching.
  • Virtual pulse free output pressure - No significant pressure swing during switching.
  • Three models rated at 10, 15 and 20 scfm


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Point-of-Use Dryer

The "point-of-use" compressed air dryer removes liquid water using filters; and reduces the pressure dew point of the air through pressure reduction. The system consists of a prefilter and a coalescing filter, followed by a pressure regulator. Two gages and mounting hardware are included in the system. Maximum flow rates of 10, 20 and 40 scfm are available as standard.

While depression of dew point with the system is not as dramatic as in desiccant air dryers, it is an economical approach to solving local in-plant air line water problems.


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Compressed air accumulators serve to reduce or eliminate pulsation which occurs twice in each cycle of twin tower, self-regenerative compressed air dryers. The accumulators are complete with an inlet check valve, a 125 psig relief valve, and an output pressure regulator.

The portable 20 gallon unit can also be used as a storage tank for clean, dry compressed air. Usable for low flow requirements at a remote location that does not have a compressed air source.


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