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About O'Keefe Controls

Founded in 1975, the company manufactures specialty fluid control products in its Monroe, CT location.  Chief among the products is an extensive line of precision orifices for accurate metering of liquids or gases.   Other products include miniature in-line screens for use with small orifices, and several unique pneumatic sensors used in industrial control applications

The company provides extensive engineering support for product selection and application to its customers.  Accurate calibration of orifices can also be provided using in-house NIST traceable instrumentation.

O'Keefe Controls Co. encourages inquiries for custom fluid control products from its customers.  Special orifice sizes, configurations , and flow specifications are routinely satisfied on an attractive economic scale.  Please call us or email us with your special requirements.   

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Company Headquarters
Monroe, CT

"Precision Orifice Capital of the World"

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